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Possible "Post Genocide Story" on Undertale.

2016-12-17 00:46:17 by Sublmnl-Sound-Engine


Accepting Chara's offer at the end of UT's Genocide ending, we ascend to the earth and keep erasing it all. We make the earth "a spheric shape morgue" with red skies and full black nights. They began it all as a slow hunt, and it became a huge massacre.

In this part, the story could only tell the way they killed every living cell on earth untill absolute death.

Then... we ask Chara what we will do next.
Where should we continue the absolute termination of life in the universe.

Chara, explains it.

"We will continue with any other galaxy near from this one, and keep going, and keep going." (Have something in mind: Chara give us immortality, so we could travel millions of years and nothing will happen to us)

"Once life ends, our journey will, too."

Then, we ask to ourselves. What will we do if there's nothing else to kill?

Chara knows we made that question to ourselves. Then, he/she answers...

"We won't do anything else. Only you and I, looking it all, looking and appreciating the destruction we made, from the highest part of universe. Our existance will be just trash. There won't be anything else to do. Our life won't end never.

It will be the most beautiful thing ever happened in this universe... don't you think?

In this part, we will have 2 options:

- Continue killing it all untill the end of everything
- Refuse the "offer".

Chara will make us lose our force, and will take us with her/him, just to see how everything dies.

(Imagine some way we could end with Chara's "life" in some kind of epic battle, it must be something well planned.)

We manage to get rid of Chara's existence... and we will have to choose another galaxy with life to live on it... due that we didn't kill all the life on universe.
We will live normally, but never forgetting that someday in our life... we were about to eradicate it all.


Once we ended it all, we lie with Chara on an unknown planet, completely destroyed, looking it all...

Blood on the walls... blood on the floor. Even blood covering our bodies...

Then... we began to think about our fate.
There is no more fate.
There is nothing else to do.
Everything is over, and it's our fault.

We want to die, but we can't. We are immortal beings.
We could kill Chara using the unknown killing method of "Refuse the Offer" ending, but... will it matter? We killed everything in the universe... so it will be in vain.

We can't do anything.

We cry, regretting what we did.

We killed it all.

Nothing else will happen.

Only Chara and us.

It is done.




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2016-12-17 01:24:15

"Goddamit not more genocide runs"


(Updated ) Sublmnl-Sound-Engine responds:

Do you find some coherence in the story? I need everyone's review about it.